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Explore Gillette's portfolio of razors, blades, disposable razors, and personal grooming products.

Razor products include 2-bladed, 3-bladed and 5-bladed disposable razors, as well as 3-bladed and 5-bladed systems razors. Additionally, Gillette also offers a full range of shave preps, including foams, shave gels & after-shave balms. Gillette also has a number of men's personal care products, including gel, invisible solid, and invisible spray deodorants and anti-perspirants.

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Razors, Trimmers, & Blades

  • Sensor3 Simple disposable razors

    Gillette's best value 3 blade disposable razor; Sensor3 Simple gives you 7 clean shaves AND fewer nicks & cuts*. With Sensor3 Simple, you'll get a shave others will notice, but your wallet won't.

    Features include:

    • 3 spring mounted blades that adjust to the skin surface for a close, smooth, comfortable shave
    • Lubrastrip for easy glide
    • Improved UltraGrip handle for great control*
    • Fixed head for precision shaving

    * vs. Sensor2 Plus

    $3.99 MSRP