Recycle Your Razors With Gillette

We've partnered with TerraCycle to offer the World’s First National Razor Recycling program to help keep hard-to-recycle blades and razors from ending up in landfills. By teaming up with TerraCycle, we are making an effort to help recycle the estimated 2 billion razors thrown away every year. - The Gillette Team
HOW DOES IT WORK?You can get started by requesting a receptacle for your blades and razors today. Gillette products or not, through our partnership with TerraCycle, we will be accepting ALL blades and razors to be recycled.
REGISTERIt’s easy and only takes a few minutes.
COLLECTInstead of throwing razors away, collect them at home or request a public bin for your gym, office, or college.
SEND Print a shipping label* and send razors collected to TerraCycle for recycling or drop off at the closest public bin. *Shipping cost not included
WHAT IS TERRACYCLE? It's easy, it's fun - and it's a great way to recycle your used razors! TerraCycle offers recycling programs for waste that cannot be recycled curbside. Gillette has partnered with TerraCycle to keep used blades and razors from ending up in landfills. It's the World's First National Razor Recycling program, and with your help, we can reduce the amount of shaving waste being dumped - no matter your razor brand!