Gillette really is
the best a man can get

Gillette really is
the best a man can get
The shave
Rated closer & better shave by real people.
The blades
Perfecting the blade for over a century.
Dedicated to making a great shave even better.
Gillette On Demand delivered blades right to your door. No commitments.
Over a century and counting.
Comparing Fusion5 family vs. Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club and Schick Hydro5.
Your shave
Anyone can claim a high-performance shave.
Only we can back it up. Gillette uses the lowest cutting force
blades on the market, which means less effort, tug and pull.
Long-lasting Blades
Our blades perform, but they also persist.
With a diamond-like strength coating, Gillette blades
blow away the so-called “bargain brands.”
We Never Stop Working For You
There’s always room for improvement.
That’s why Gillette has filed thousands of patents
to continue developing new technology
and products to meet the needs of every man.
Taking care of our people
When we're not looking out for you, we're looking out
for our team. We created one of the country's first
employee profit-sharing programs in 1887, and it's still
going strong to this day for our employees and retirees.
116 years in the business
We revolutionized the industry in 1901 and haven’t stopped since.
As King C. Gillette said:
“We’ll stop making razor blades when
we can’t keep making them better.”
Our portfolio stretches from shaving foams, through replacement razors,
body washes and ending on trimmers, everything a man needs.
What Razor is America
Shaving With?
Don’t just take our word for it. More than 50%* of razors bought
in the United States are Gillette.
Gillette Schick Store BrandAll othersBIC
*Based on systems razors volume share in retail stores only, in the latest 52 weeks.